23 Dishes

Day 49: 23 – “Write 23 food products that you like.”

I like a lot of food. I think it would be easier to write about my top ten least favourite foods. But I do write a list of 23 so I can finish this day. It has been a busy day for me.

  1. sushi
  2. lecsó
  3. töltött káposzta
  4. Jókai bableves (named for famous Hungarian writer Jókai Mór.
  5. boeuf bourguignon
  6. soupe à l’oignon
  7. halleves
  8. stuffed artichoke
  9. seafood platter (fried)
  10. quiche Lorraine
  11. seafood gumbo
  12. gulyás (not the gross American ripoff)
  13. gyümölcs leves
  14. borscht
  15. escargots
  16. pad Thai
  17. cheese from France with a fresh baguette
  18. butter chicken
  19. fish and chips
  20. teriyaki chicken
  21. lasagna
  22. fajitas
  23. leberkässemmel

What is your favourite dish?

Excerpt From: Scott Green. “397 Journal Writing Prompts & Ideas.” Apple Books.

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