Day 51: 25 – “What do you think of the quarter-life crisis?”

Is it different than a life which has reached one year and a quarter-life? I think days of birth, new years, and anything to do with a turning of time is a bit silly. Quarter-life sounds like you are 75% alive, especially if you are Betty White and live to be 100. Hopefully. If not, then you might actually be celebrating your half-life, which means you are 50% alive or dead. Depending on your outlook on life.

Everybody said that 2020 was so awful and they could not wait for 2021. The calendar changed, but the situation had not. It was all the same. You were still you and everyone else was still an idiot.

The times do not change because you are one day older, except in the USA. If you are 20, then turn 21, the next day is definitely different because you can be served alcohol legally. Or if you are 64, then turn 65, you can retire and receive a pension. And don’t forget about those great discounts for senior citizens. Okay, that was a joke. I believe they deserve bigger discounts, especially if they do not receive much money. Wouldn’t it be nice if the Americans took care of their elderly as the Europeans do?

25 passed me by and I did not think about it. I do not celebrate those days. I do sometimes celebrate my birthday alone in special ways. I don’t like parties so it is nice for me to do it with a friend one-on-one. That means alone without other friends, right? Sometimes I get those weird expressions wrong. It does sound like sexy time.

My birthday is really insignificant when it is the same day as the day the Christ rose from the dead. I remember my birthday in 1988 more than any other one. It was on Easter day. It was the worst birthday ever. I was completely alone. I have never told anyone about that night. I keep many things about my life to myself. It is better that way for the people who know me for a short time. They are not interested in my sorted past.

In my opinion, celebrate good things in life. Try to find one thing that is good and celebrate it. Maybe a day once or twice or more a year to celebrate something great, something you think is worth reflecting on.

Excerpt From: Scott Green. “397 Journal Writing Prompts & Ideas.” Apple Books.

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