My Life In Sounds

Day 62: Write songs that you want to be part of the soundtrack of your life.”

I feel that I did that already in the last few days.

Instead of writing about it, I will present it. The link below is to my Spotify list called My Life In Sounds. The songs are in somewhat of an order of my life. The earlier stuff is what my mother listened to when I was little, especially the Led Zeppelin songs. They songs are in order of life too. A baby is born, troubles come our way, lustful teen years, running was always involved in my family life as I grew older, then in my life as I moved on from family.

The list may not be complete by the time this blog is posted, but I will continue to modify it. All the songs have some significance to my life, from the Supremes to twenty one pilots this is my story, from birth to loneliness this is my story.

Excerpt From: Scott Green. “397 Journal Writing Prompts & Ideas.” Apple Books.

2 thoughts on “My Life In Sounds

  1. I like this music playlist idea, my friend. A sweet little story-telling in music form for your life. The presence of Pink Floyd and Zep is enough for me to listen to it!

    1. Awesome! Thank you. It is a work in progress. My story is not a happy one, but it is a story. I am excited to see if you do one now. I think it is fun to share your story in music.

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