Music Makes The World Go Round

Day 72: “Why do you think they say that music can make the world go round?”

Well, I am definitely not a flat-earther so I believe the Earth is round. I thought love made the world go around. Everyone has a different idea of what makes their world go around.

I am actually not sure what the expression means. Perhaps it means that you are excited for that thing that makes your world go around. I don’t have that thing that makes me feel excited. I don’t have love.

I like music a lot, but in recent years I am more let down by it. I don’t find WAP to be an example of worthy music. It is literally crap. It is hilarious that they think this is music.

Music is something that expresses what I feel when I cannot do it myself. Today’s hip-hop does not express anything for me. I am in a rotten mood so ignore me today.

Excerpt From: Scott Green. “397 Journal Writing Prompts & Ideas.” Apple Books.

3 thoughts on “Music Makes The World Go Round

  1. I’m not too sure why WAP is regarded as a marvel so I’m with you on that one – it’s a horrendous song. I’ll just stick to my own music and avoid the “popular” train, thanks!

    1. 100% agree. I think it is better to skip the horrendous song. My musical taste can be all over the place. Sometimes I will like a “popular” song, but I think most of the time they wear me down by playing it everywhere. Other times it might be because of a person in my life liked something and it gave me memory to hold onto.

      1. Yeah that’s certainly true, haven’t really thought it like that before. The popular songs overplayed do dampen their quality for me, you’re absolutely right.

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