Favourite Singer

Day 73: “Who is your favorite singer?”

The list is long. I have had so many favourite singers over the years. Some have been favourites for a short time and others have endured the many trials of fire that I have walked through.

When i was younger and a bit angier than I am now it was Sting of The Police and Debbie Harry of Blondie that spoke for me. Stevie Nicks was the poet in my life. As I got a little older, Bono of U2 was my voice, then came Prince, and eventually Cyndi Lauper.

I think my favourite male singer has to be George Michael. Vocally, he moves me more than any other singer. I can feel heartache in his voice, it in the lyrics he sings, and in his performances. I don’t know much of his life story, but from his music I would say that he felt alone often and suffered through some pain as we all do, perhaps he felt it more.

But I have two favourites, Steve Perry from Journey was my absolute favourite too. I did not like Journey until I saw them in a concert. I was blown away by his vocal power. I felt chills all over my body. He is incredible or was incredible. I don’t think he still has that same vocal range. Sadly, he disappeared from the music scene many years, but returned in the last year or two with an album, but it did not excite me.

I am still discovering many younger singers today. I like the voice of Tyler Joseph from twenty one pilots, Matthew Healy of The 1975, Chris Martin of Coldplay, Alex Turner from Arctic Monkeys and many others. Oddly, I like male singers more than female as I get older. I cannot think of many female singers that I like at the moment.

Excerpt From: Scott Green. “397 Journal Writing Prompts & Ideas.” Apple Books.

3 thoughts on “Favourite Singer

  1. Morning! Fantastic query, this one. I love Dave Grohl, simply for the fact that he’s the nicest man in rock! – and I love Hayley Williams. Her voice and work is amazing. I’d recommend you check her out if you don’t know already!

    1. Morning to you, but on a different one. I should have added Dave Grohl too. I could have add him to the bands, but I simply forgot. I think he has something new out, but I have not heard it yet. I don’t really know Hayley Williams, except that she is the lead singer of Paramore, which is a band I haven’t hear much of. I lived in Hungary when they were more popular. I will give her a listen. Thank you.

      1. Ah fantastic stuff! Yeah I recommend either her band or solo stuff. And you can’t not love Grohl for his work and loveable nature 😉

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