an ocean roars

Day 76: “Pretend that you’re a singer or you’re part of a band. What do you want to call your first album?”

That is really an easy one because I would call it the same as my blog an ocean roars. I would use small letters. It represents me using my voice to speak my feelings, my thoughts, my ideas, my heart, my everything.

As a child, I was silenced. I could not speak. I hide under the bed to get away from everyone. I sometimes slept under it. It was safer for me. I did not exist.

Today, I have more of a voice, even though some people want me to not speak out. I want to break away from all the things that trap me from being me. I feel weighed down people who suppress me from growing. They are pushing me down with their words, actions, reactions, and hate.

My second album would be called sad robot boy. I am a sad robot. I feel programmed to be what others want me to be, but I want to rebel so I can finally be happy. I will never rebel because I am not strong enough. I will always be sad.

Cycling, writing and music are things that help me deal with PTSD. It is not enough, but it helps. I wish I could cycle more.

Excerpt From: Scott Green. “397 Journal Writing Prompts & Ideas.” Apple Books.

4 thoughts on “an ocean roars

  1. That’s nice to hear that music helps you in more ways than one. I’d probably call a band that has something to do with food. Simply for the love of it.

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