“A Walk to Remember”

Day 71: “Listen to the full soundtrack of “A Walk to Remember”, then pick your favorite song from the said album and write about it.” As soon as I saw the list of music on “A Walk to Remember” I knew which songs were my favourites “I Dare You To Move” and “Learning to Breathe” […]

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Favourite Film Soundtrack

Day 66: “Write about your favorite movie soundtrack.” In general, if you asked me, I would say that I don’t like Film Soundtracks. As with every rule I have there are some exceptions. There have been a few throughout my life that I have liked a lot. It is between three albums: “Saturday Night Fever” […]

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Three Films

Day 29: 3 – “Write about your top 3 favorite movies.” If you have the book that I am using, then you know that I have swapped a this prompt for another one. The first film is from my childhood. I watched it on the television every year. Anyone older than Netflix would probably have […]

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Joker Stands Alone

There will be a spoiler or two. I went to see Joker even though I heard some people thought it was too disturbing. But was it disturbing? If you do not know the story by now, then you must live in a cave somewhere in the Ozark Mountains. In my imagination that is where people […]

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Burton’s Disney Dumbo

I will try to write the spoilers a bit later, but there will be spoilers. I have never seen Disney’s Dumbo. The truth is I have never seen many of Disney’s animated films. I cannot say why. It just is a fact. I went into this film without any prior knowledge of the past. The […]

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Mexico’s Wandering Roma

There will be spoilers, especially toward the end of this review. I usually like arthouse films and foreign language films. Roma is Netflix’s Oscar nominated film that fits both categories. Director Alfonso Cuarón first came into existence for me in 2001 when I saw his film Y tu mamá también. He also directed Harry Potter and the […]

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Bumblebee Transforms A Franchise

I was surprised to hear myself say that I wanted to see Bumblebee, especially since I stopped watching them after the first couple of film. I could not understand how Megan Fox was able to remain free of grease and have perfectly coifed hair after working on an automobile. I barely touch anything on a […]

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1001 Albums #25

Elvis Is Back! This is the second entry on the 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die. Of course Elvis Presley has a least two albums on the list; he is the King of Rock and Roll. This is his first album after his discharge from the U.S. Army in March 1960. Presley is in top form on this album. His voice is […]

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