Bohemian Rhapsody

I can official start my hunt for the best film of the year. I can tell you now from the beginning that I watch films to escape and to feel something other than the crappy way I feel every day. If Bohemian Rhapsody is not nominated for the Oscar for 2018, then I will never watch […]

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This is a very creative film. It is very short, so watch it. i dedicate it to all of us that are zeroes.

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Death Of Gatsby

It is difficult, or at least from the perspective of Hollywood, to make a good book into a good film, but even harder to made a classic book into a classic film. Why? Why do they seem to get it wrong most of the time? Is it because we all have a strong opinions of […]

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Man Of Steel

One of things i love about France, is that they have special discounts to the cinema, often. There is a special now, you just have to show a bus ticket and the cost of the film is 5 euros. One of the things i hate, is the fact that the previews and commercials are more […]

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Titanic #83

Titanic came out in 1997, so i was either living in Seattle or had moved to Santa Ana for six months. If my memory is correct, i was living in California, but as time moves on, some things become unclear and other things become transparent. Plot (yes, i am a romantic) When i first saw […]

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The Wizard Of Oz #10

AFI’s #10/100 For the first film that i will review i decided to take a look at The Wizard of Oz. Why? Because it is one of my favourite films and i just watched it, on my birthday last week. Well, i gave away the ending to this review by telling you that it is […]

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AFI 100 Years…100 FIlms

i have decided to review American Film Institute 100 Years…100 Films. i will try to watch one film per week, perhaps two if time permits. i have seen most of these films, but i want to watch them again and give a few thoughts from my point of view; a simple point of view, perhaps […]

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And the winner for best song…

i forgot to cast my vote for best original song. It is fairly simple. Adele‘s Skyfall is boring. i like her, but that song sounds like all the Bond songs before it. In fact, all the songs, except for one, were rather dull. Before My time is haunting and depressingly beautiful. It should win and […]

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