24 Ghosts

Day 50: 24 – “At 24, what were you doing in your life? Or, if you’re not 24 yet, what are you planning to do or planning to be when you finally reach that age?” I really hate so many of the age prompts in this book. It seems that the writer was not extremely […]

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D is for Death

Day 4: “D is for “Death“. Write about your feelings about death.” Death! I have lived there my whole life. I almost died at birth because I was a blue baby. I stayed that way. Blue. My youngest memory is wishing I was dead or had never been born. I wear it like a chain […]

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1001 Albums #39

The Black Saint and the Sinner Lady from Charles Mingus is jazz. Avant-garde jazz! I will not mess around. I hated it so much. I wanted to run out of the house screaming murder. I felt like I was Janet Leigh in Psycho and Anthony Perkins was plunging me with his knife over and over […]

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1001 Albums #22

I have never heard of Marty Robbins and from the cover of the album Gunfighter Ballads and Trail Songs I thought this is definitely not my type of music. I am not a gunslinger. In fact, I have a fear of guns. And if you know me I hate country music. As I listened to […]

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1001 Albums #8

The “Chirping” Crickets by The Crickets is not something I had ever heard of, at least I thought so until I heard the first song “Oh Boy!” The reason many of us would not know this band is because its lead singer, writer and talent had died in a plane crash. The plane crash was […]

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The Battle of Muhi

My friend Tamás took me to visit this site in my last week in Hungary. It is in the middle of nowhere and on the way back from somewhere. It is in memory of those lost in the battle between the Mongol Empire and the Kingdom of Hungary during 1241. It seems like it could […]

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