For some inexplicable reason i love benches. It might have something to do with all the time i spent on the bench during gym class in high school. i was able to escape from the jocks that ridiculed us white boys that could not jump. i think it has more to do with solitude. Benches […]

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Happy Birthday Tamas

To my best friend on his birthday. i have had many “best friends” during my lifetime, but most of them were not really best friends in the end of the story. Tamas, you have all the qualities that make you a best friend. You are caring, understanding, generous, loving, patient, humourous, trustworthy, gentle, kind, do […]

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Thumb Sucking Dream

Last night i had the strangest dream or dreams. In one of my dreams i dreamt that thumb sucking is bad for your children. It went something like this: In the beginning the child sucks on his thumb. It seems harmless, but it is not good for the teeth. The teeth part was not in […]

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