Smoking in France

i noticed something here that i had not noticed in the Hungarians, but know to be true of them as well; the French people smoke a lot. It is a bit strange since the government seems to be against it and they have banned smoking indoors, but you can smoke in the tram stops and […]

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Vámház körúti Vásárcsarnok

My favourite place to shop in Budapest is Vámház körúti Vásárcsarnok, although i love all the markets (piac) in Hungary. The prices are great, probably not as cheap as the major chains, but the produce is a hell of lot fresher than Tesco. U.S. does not have these kinds of markets in every neighbourhood, which […]

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One Year

i forgot to mention that i have had this blog over a year now. Thank you to all those that have followed my adventures, even to those that think my blog is boring and especially to my best friend. i will miss you until my last breath. You inspired me. A year of my life […]

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Parc de la Tête d’Or

i will not bore you with all the details of the park known as Parc de la Tête d’Or (“Park of the Golden Head”) because you can read about it on Wikipedia. It is called the Park of the Golden Head because it was found from a legend saying that a treasure with a Christ‘s […]

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Random Ramblings

Day before yesterday i posted a photo of a cat, i had more likes that day than any other day and i gained a couple of followers. i really hate cats and do not understand why so many people love cats, but i realised that there are many things that the masses enjoy, yet i […]

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Graffiti Lyon Style

i love creative graffiti. i wish more buildings would allow artist to paint on their wall. Unlike the vandals that put tags all over everything. This is not very creative, lack of imagination and talent. i think these people should be fined, heavily fined,  for destruction of public property. What do you think of graffiti? […]

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