1001 Albums #30

Sunday at the Village Vanguard from jazz pianist and composer Bill Evans another live album to make it to the list of 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die. There are a lot of jazz albums on the list and the reason is that jazz musicians had been able to accomplish what the rock and […]

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1001 Albums #28

I will ask you the age old question. Which came first the headache or Jimmy Smith’s Back at the Chicken Shack? I think I should have eaten first so I did not get a headache at the same time as I listened to this album. Why did Jimmy Smith cross the road? To get Back at the Chicken Shack. I am not sure why he getting back at the Chicken Shack. What did the Chicken Shack ever do to […]

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1001 Albums #20

The Genius of Ray Charles? Someone decided Ray Charles was a genius and many of his album titles have agreed. I wonder if it was a tongue-in-cheek nickname. I knew I had heard of him before listening to the album, but after listening to the Side A I was not so sure. Unlike some of the females I have heard on the […]

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1001 Albums #9

I grew up around jazz music. I love hearing jazz in films, on street corners (not in the prostitute sense of street corner, but just the regular guy walking down the Bourbon Street corner) and in nightclubs. Sitting down on a chair and playing jazz on Spotify is not something I find exciting, especially if […]

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1001 Albums #5

Fats Domino (Yes, he called himself Fats, but today he could not get away with that name. It would hurt the feelings of all the fat people) is someone I have heard of and someone I have heard a few songs from, but I would not consider myself a fan at all. I appreciate what […]

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1001 Albums #4

Three albums behind me and I have not heard from one artist who writes his own songs. It seems that artist in the 50s were not able to write their own music. The Louvin Brothers wrote a couple songs as does today’s musician Louis Prima who was born in New Orleans, Louisiana did on his […]

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Baton Rouge

  Yesterday, my sister took me to the state capital buildings, yes with an “s” because Baton Rouge has a new one and an old one. The new one was built in the 1930’s by Huey P. Long the governor at the time and it would be the building in which he was shot in […]

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So Hard For The Money

i went to the world famous French Quarter. It happened that i was fortunate to be there during the last day of the French Quarter Festival. There was live music on the streets and many people out enjoying the sunshine. It was a bit more expensive than usual for parking, so that was unfortunate. The […]

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