Series: Never Have I Ever

I am going to start writing what I think and feel when I watch a series or a film. I am tired of just writing about 1001 Albums. I am by no means a critic writer. These will be my point of view. I know Netflix‘s Never Have I Ever was classified as a comedy, but […]

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Mexico’s Wandering Roma

There will be spoilers, especially toward the end of this review. I usually like arthouse films and foreign language films. Roma is Netflix’s Oscar nominated film that fits both categories. Director Alfonso Cuarón first came into existence for me in 2001 when I saw his film Y tu mamá también. He also directed Harry Potter and the […]

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Television Fails in Fall 2018

Spring is a close second to Autumn as my favourite time of the year. I love Autumn more because television rolls out all the new series. For me as a child, it was like what other children felt at Christmas, but I never felt that joy at Christmas time. I feel hopeful that what I am […]

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Two New Comedies?

God Friended Me I was watching a new series online at and I thought it was so bad that I had to write about. CBS new series, God Friended Me does not offer anything new. If you have seen Highway to Heaven, Touched by Angel (to a lesser degree) Joan Of Arcadiaor last season’s Kevin […]

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Life Lessons From Dr. Who

i must admit that i was skeptical about watching Dr. Who at first, but once i started i could not stop. It was not until the fifth season that i realised the reason i love The Doctor. The Doctor is me. i am a human version of The Doctor, although some people think i am […]

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Miss World

When i hear the words Miss World, i think of a Hole song, but this year it has more to do with a competition of young women from around the world. The battle of the brainless Barbies is being held in Indonesia this year, so they cancelled the swimsuit part of the contest due to […]

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Good Bye to The Office

i have always hated May since i was a little kid for two reasons: 1) School let out for the summer and i hated being home for the summer. 2) All the series would come to an end for the season or forever. Tonight The Office comes to an end after 9 years on NBC. […]

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Worst of 2012

Worst list are probably easier to write for most of us, since it seems to be human nature to dwell in the past on the things that make us sad or focus on those that have wronged us in some manner. i used to be one of those people, but then i was able to […]

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