Day 48: 22 –”Listen to the song “22” by Taylor Swift and write about how you feel about it.” Why? Why not anybody else, but Taylor Swift? I cannot stand her as a singer and as a persona. I don’t think she is a real person. She does not come off as a genuine person. […]

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#871 Hole – Celebrity Skin

Hole is a band that I really enjoyed in the early 90s. Unfortunately, their third album Celebrity Skin was released during my time away from music so i completely missed it. The album was a critical and commercial success for the band. Courtney Love proved that she could make great music without Kurt Cobain.  My […]

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#684 Ride – Nowhere

I have never heard of the band Ride. They released their album Nowhere in 1990 to critical acclaim. It was an important release in shoegazing genre. I do like this genre so I have some hope to like the album. The best songs are “In a Different Place“, “Polar Bear”, “Dreams Burn Down“, and probably my […]

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The Loop of P.T.S.D.

I do not talk about the loop because it seems sort of personal and I hate being judged for something that I have to live with, but I will try to explain it since a friend asked me about it. The loop is a place I get stuck in from time to time. It takes […]

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Burton’s Disney Dumbo

I will try to write the spoilers a bit later, but there will be spoilers. I have never seen Disney’s Dumbo. The truth is I have never seen many of Disney’s animated films. I cannot say why. It just is a fact. I went into this film without any prior knowledge of the past. The […]

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1001 Albums #49

The Sonics‘ !!!Here Are The Sonics!!! is the original grunge and punk band album of the 60s. I have never heard of them, but many punk bands and grunge bands named them as an influence. Kurt Cobain was influenced by them. Both bands are from the Washington state. The difference is one band hit it big […]

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Men Bad, Gillette Good

I saw that a friend in Hungary had posted the word Gillette on Facebook. Just that one word. I thought he needed to shave. Later in the day, I saw a friend had posted a blog about it. You can read his blog here I started out by responding to his post, but as […]

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1001 Albums #42

In my perfect world, The Beatles would not be have another album in the 1001 Albums… listing that I am going through. But I have never lived in a decent world. A Hard Day’s Night is the third album of the band formed in Liverpool, England in 1960. Good news! I have found one song called […]

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1001 Albums #26

Miriam Makeba aka Mama Afrika was completely unknown to me. As I listened to her self-titled, debut album I read some history about her life. She was born Johannesburg in 1932. She toured around the world bringing the message of apartheid which caused her government blocking her from returning home. She became popular in the USA, but was eventually put under investigation when she […]

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1001 Albums #13

OMG!! How long must I suffer? It is bad enough being ill by itself, but listening to this music does not make it any better. It really does sound like the inside of my mind when I go to another world. The thirteen album Kenya is a blend of Afro-Cuban beats and jazz from Machito […]

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