My Life In Sounds

Day 62: Write songs that you want to be part of the soundtrack of your life.” I feel that I did that already in the last few days. Instead of writing about it, I will present it. The link below is to my Spotify list called My Life In Sounds. The songs are in somewhat […]

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Happy Song

Day 61: “What song really makes you happy?” So many songs make me feel happy, yet sad. It is a thin like between the two extremes for me. I can reach either quickly and lose it quicker. One of the happiest songs ever is ABBA’s “Dancing Queen“. They made some really incredibly upbeat happy music. […]

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Favourite Song

Day 60: “What’s your all time favorite song?” As if I can answer this question. Hours later I still cannot answer it. I wrote about a lot of great songs yesterday so look at those. Actually, I forgot to mention some important artists in my life. Stevie Nicks and Tori Amos were important parts of […]

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Sad Songs

Day 59: “What song really makes you sad whenever you listen to it?” The list of sad songs is endless. I can listen to “happy’ songs and become melancholy. I have mentioned that George Michael’s music makes me the saddest, especially his remake of “I Can’t Make You Love Me” and his transition song to […]

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Summertime Sadness

Day 58: Listen to Lana del Rey’s “Summertime Sadness”. Then, pretend that you’re a music video director. Write about your music video plans for the said song.” I have never listened to Lana del Rey‘s music before. I thought she was an hispanic singer for some reason. I listened to the song, then watched the […]

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Let Go For Tonight

Day 57: Listen to Foxes “Let Go For Tonight” and write what you think about it.” “Music makes the world go round” is the new theme for the prompt book. I thought I was done with writing about music for a season. Hopefully, there will be some great songs. I do not know Foxes at […]

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Life Begins After Coffee (30)

Day 56: 30 – “Some people say that life starts at 30. Why is that so?” Seriously, life does Begin After Coffee and for some it begins after 30. I could not wake up this morning so it definitely started after my morning French Press. I may have an addiction to coffee, but I am […]

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29 Years & 364 Days

Day 55: 29 – “Imagine it’s your last day of being 29. How do you think you would feel? Will you be excited about turning 30 or not?” “29 Years and 364 days. Today is a milestone for me.” said Katie. I cannot wait for work to end so we can par-tay! Chris shouted out […]

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2049 A.D.

Day 54: 28 – “Suppose time stops for 28 years and when you wake up, it’s already after 28 years. What do you think the world will be like?” 2049! That seems like a long time away, but it is only 28 years away. I highly doubt I will still be alive. I don’t know […]

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27 Minutes of the Robotboy

Day 53: 27 – “Write for exactly 27 minutes. No interruptions.” I don’t remember the day I arrived here. Nobody does. It seems that I have been here my whole life, but exactly how long that has been is anybody’s guess. Some humans think I may have been born here, but most people don’t believe […]

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