Lucky 8

Day 34: 8 – “Write about 8 things that make you feel lucky.” Firstly, I don’t believe in luck. But for the sake of the prompt I will try to come up with things that make me feel lucky or blessed. I have worked all through the pandemic. I was not without work. I have […]

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Birthday Party #7

Day 33: 7 – “What was your 7th birthday party like?” Wait! People have birthday parties when they are young? I don’t remember having birthday parties. I sort of remember getting a cake one year, maybe. Or it might have been a dream. I am sure I got a beaten for something frivolous. Maybe it […]

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Six PM

Day 32: 6 – “What were you doing at 6 PM last night?” I was running down underground to a dive bar in a West End town. I ran into these West End girls. Boy, they were so mad. They were drinking tequila shooters off of some East End Boy. Luckily, he was smooth chested […]

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5 Friends

Day 31: 5 – “Write about 5 friends whom you consider as your best or closest friends.” Why friends again? Scott Green, your book kind of sucks. It is so repetitive. I guess I will write about five friends that are close in proximity. I am not extremely close to a lot of people. I […]

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4 Year Old Me

Day 30: 4 – “When you were 4 years old, what do you remember most as something that you consider as your ambition?” Really 4? I do not remember anything from when I was 4. I do remember at 5 I wished I was dead. I am guessing my life from the birth canal to […]

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Three Films

Day 29: 3 – “Write about your top 3 favorite movies.” If you have the book that I am using, then you know that I have swapped a this prompt for another one. The first film is from my childhood. I watched it on the television every year. Anyone older than Netflix would probably have […]

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Two Songs

Day 28: 2 – Write about 2 songs that you love best.” Love is a strong word. I do not even use it for people. I find it difficult to say it. I used to say it a lot more, but it was always unrequited love. I laugh at people who love things, at least […]

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Number 1

Day 27: 1 – “Write about the one person whom you consider as the most important person in your life.” I have a huge list of important people in my life. They live in my head all day and most nights. They are in the past, but haunt the present. They were called friend, but […]

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Z is for Zest

Day 26: “Z is for “Zest”. What do you have the most zest for? I guess that would have to be lemon pie. I really love lemon meringue pie. It should have a little lemon zest in it to bring out that lemon flavour. Sometimes I even put a little zest into lemonade, when I […]

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Y is for You

Day 25: “Y is for “You”. Write about how you define yourself.” I am ocean. That is what I tell people all the time. I don’t know how to describe myself. I don’t feel as though I know myself that well. I am full of contradictions. I love hard, yet I am a robot. I […]

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