#94 The Byrds

The Byrds again? Noooooooo! I have not liked any of their albums on this list. I highly doubt Younger Than Yesterday will change my mind. Does anyone like this band? Does anyone listen to any of this music? Am I alone? The albums begins badly with “So You Want to Be a Rock ‘n’ Roll Star“. They decided to […]

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#93 The Doors

The only things I knew about The Doors were that Jim Morrison died in Paris at a young age, he is buried there, the band had the overly long hit “Light My Fire” and Morrison was some type of sex symbol. This is the first time I will listen to their eponymous debut album. I […]

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1001 Albums #54

When I saw the title of the next album Live at the Regal from B.B. King I became depressed. Another live album and another artist I am not familiar with in the 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die list. Surprisingly it is an okay album even with all my hatred of live albums. […]

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1001 Albums #52

The Beach Boys were known until 1965 for song about surfing, girls, and cars. The Beach Boys Today! took them in a new direction. At least that is what I have read everywhere. Is it enough to get me to like The Beach Boys? First off the group’s name is unfortunate. They did not think far enough into the future to […]

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1001 Albums #45

A Girl Called Dusty from the English singer Dusty Springfield has been missing from my life. Springfield is the 60s Adele. If you do not know who Adele is, then I cannot help you. She is a white girl with soul. She sings from her heart and commands you to feel the pain in the […]

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1001 Albums #27

I have heard of The Everly Brothers, but not really any of their music, except maybe “Cathy’s Clown” their biggest hit. The good thing about their album A Date with the Everly Brothers is that it is a short date. All of the songs are under three minutes. The Bee Gees, Oasis, The Carpenters, The […]

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1001 Albums #24

I am surprised Joan Baez is the first white female to make the list. I have never heard of her music, but I am not into folk music. I was excited for the 60s to arrive, but Baez’s self-titled album made me regret it. She is not horrible if you like female chipmunks singing. Or […]

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1001 Albums #15

If there is any of the albums I would liked to have skipped it would be Tito Puente and his album Dance Mania, Vol. 1. I hope volume two is like George Michael’s Listen Without Prejudice Vol 2. It was never made. I do not like Spanish music at all. I do not like the mambo […]

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