1001 Albums #1

When I started looking at the book 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die I realised that there are so many albums I have never heard of and so many albums that I have no interest in listening to at all. And I thought I have loved music all my life, but I have […]

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Colorado DMV is Unorganised

  This was the most adventurous day i have had in a long time. In the morning i went to take my driving license test, but realized that i had checked the wrong item on the on-line site of the DMV. i was not the only one, many before me have done the same, so […]

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One Year

i forgot to mention that i have had this blog over a year now. Thank you to all those that have followed my adventures, even to those that think my blog is boring and especially to my best friend. i will miss you until my last breath. You inspired me. A year of my life […]

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Shopping in Lyon

Today begins the three weeks of discount shopping in France. It takes place twice a year, the other time is in June or July, but i cannot remember which day. Sorry. All the shops in the country sell things at a discount, which varies from shop to shop and i guess that it gets cheaper […]

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