#1066 Adele – 25

Adele‘s third album 25 was released in 2015. The album was a critical and commercial success. Some critics thought Adele did not take enough risks on the album. The album hit number one in 32 countries upon its release. It broke many records. My favourite song is “Hello“. “I ain’t done much healing.” is probably […]

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#1052 Adele – 21

Adele! Who hasn’t heard of her? I mean really who? I remember her second album 21 so clearly. I was living in Budapest and everything was going good for me. I may have been stressed financially, but I had friends, food, and a flat. What made this album different is that other artists were singing […]

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1001 Albums #45

A Girl Called Dusty from the English singer Dusty Springfield has been missing from my life. Springfield is the 60s Adele. If you do not know who Adele is, then I cannot help you. She is a white girl with soul. She sings from her heart and commands you to feel the pain in the […]

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