#964 Calexico – Feast of Wire

Calexico‘s Feast of Wire is an album I have not heard much of until now. I know the band from their music with Iron & Wine. I just discovered they released another album together last year titled Years to Burn. I will have to give it a listen later. Anyway, this is Calexico’s fourth album. […]

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#933 Ryan Adams – Gold

Ryan Adams is back with his second album on the list and his second studio album in his career:¬†Gold. As you may know I hate country music, but Adams is not really country. He is rock and alternative country. Some critics have classified him as Americana, which is a blend of different genres. My favourite […]

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#905 Ryan Adams – Heartbreaker

“Ryan Adams“. “Oh you mean Bryan Adams.” I hear this every time I say the name Ryan Adams. I say, “Nope. Ryan Adams.” “Never heard of him,” they say. That is your problem. I must admit that Adams does not seem like an artist I would like. His genre is often classified as alternative country. […]

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