#1045 John Grant – Queen of Denmark

John Grant released his debut album Queen of Denmark in 2010 to critical acclaim. Grant along with Chris Pearson formed The Czars, an American alternative rock band, in 1994 in Denver. Grant went solo after the band dissolved in 2006. The songs I liked were “Where Dreams Go to Die”, “Outer Space”, “TC and Honeybear”, “It’s Easier”, “Caramel, […]

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#1010 The Killers – Sam’s Town

The Killers released their second album Sam’s Town In 2006. It was a hit for the band. Lead singer Brandon Flowers has stated that you can hear his real voice on this album compared to its predecessor. “We didn’t use too many vocal effects. On the first album, we used auto-tune, and I didn’t even realize […]

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#979 Björk – Medúlla

First Morrissey returns to the list of 1001 Albums… and now Björk. Although she has not been away from the list long, I thought maybe her time to make an impact was over. She proved me wrong with her 2004 album Medúlla. My favourite song might be “Desired Constellation”. It is so quiet and sad. […]

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#923 Giant Sand- Chore of Enchantment

Giant Sand? Weird name for a band, but they are from Arizona. I have never heard of them. Oddly, the band has been recording albums since 1985. Yet, they remain under the radar. Chore of Enchantment is one of their many albums released. “Raw”, “(Well) Dusted (For the Millennium)”, “Shiver”, and “Punishing Sun” were the first […]

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