#329 Neu! – Neu! ’75

Neu! ’75 is the third album from the German band Neu!. I have never heard their music until today. The album contains one side of ambient music and the second side is kosmische, Krautrock and proto-punk. The band has been named an inspiration to other artists, such as David Bowie. I think this is a […]

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#307 Kraftwerk – Autobahn

Autobahn from Kraftwerk is an album I have heard about, but I am not sure if I have ever heard the whole thing. It seems likely, but I cannot remember it. I had friends who like this music at some point in my life and I have listened to a lot of ambient music. It […]

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#278 Can – Future Days

The German band Can switches gears into ambient music with their fifth album Future Days. They have not completely turned away from Krautrock, but they are progressing in sound. The title song is great. I like the ambient sounds. It is nice to hear the origins of a genre I used to listen to a lot […]

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