One Year

i forgot to mention that i have had this blog over a year now. Thank you to all those that have followed my adventures, even to those that think my blog is boring and especially to my best friend. i will miss you until my last breath. You inspired me. A year of my life […]

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A Walk In The Park

My best friend, Pál Tamás, and i decided to take a walk in the Városliget (City Park) in Budapest. We found street art and a great cafe to eat a hamburger, in fact it was the best burger i have had in Hungary. If you are travelling to Budapest and want to eat a very delicious hamburger, then […]

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Is Prom bad?

What has become of this world? There are some things that we did as kids, but today are being ripped apart, especially by feminist. i read an article on CNN, in which the writer tears apart prom. i remember my prom fondly. i remember that is was not just for the rich, or middle class, […]

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La Fresque Des Lyonnais

There are many murals in Lyon, nearly 60 of them are spread out throughout the city. They are very creative and beautiful, just like the French people. If you are visiting Lyon, then i recommend that you search for the amazing works of art. La Fresque des Lyonnais displays many famous people from Lyon, e.g., […]

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AFI 100 Years…100 FIlms

i have decided to review American Film Institute 100 Years…100 Films. i will try to watch one film per week, perhaps two if time permits. i have seen most of these films, but i want to watch them again and give a few thoughts from my point of view; a simple point of view, perhaps […]

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Fete des Lumieres

If you read this and there are many mistakes, then forgive me because i am very sleepy. i was up late last night and will be for the next three nights. Why you ask? Because Lyon has a festival every year at this time, which is four days (rather nights) long. Fête des lumières (Festival of […]

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Thousands of words have flowed from my lips and your lips Thousands of grains of sand between my toes Thousands of days i’ve waited for the sun’s eclipse Thousands of hours i’ve waited for you, heaven knows Thousands of breaths i have inhaled and have exhaled Thousands of smiles i have smiled today Thousands of […]

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Day 5 – A Test and Some Rest

  Sidewalks disappear, so people walk in the streets On the fifth day i stayed at the flat most of the day. Unfortunately i had to write a test for my Civilisation Class. Why didn’t i schedule it for the week after we return? All in all it was a nice day sitting here writing […]

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