#1000 Beck – Guero

Beck back to save the day. Guero is Beck’s ninth studio album. It was released in 2005. I am not sure if it is still in the list of 1001 Albums because it states that it was listed. The Dust Brothers produced it alongside Tony Hoffer and Beck. It was return to his sound on […]

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#958 Beck – Sea Change

I think I have already stated that I am a fan of Beck‘s music. The reason I became a big fan was Sea Change. It does back to Debrecen, then Budapest with Tam├ís. I have never had a friend like him. He really fooled me for a long time. I thought he was the best […]

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#814 Beck – Odelay

Beck is another artist, like Alanis Morissette, who I did not appreciate when he first arrived on the scene. There were quite a few artist in the 90s I felt that way about. Eventually, I revisited him and changed my mind. Odelay his fifth studio album was released in 1996. Trivia: On the album cover […]

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