29 Years & 364 Days

Day 55: 29 – “Imagine it’s your last day of being 29. How do you think you would feel? Will you be excited about turning 30 or not?” “29 Years and 364 days. Today is a milestone for me.” said Katie. I cannot wait for work to end so we can par-tay! Chris shouted out […]

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Day 51: 25 – “What do you think of the quarter-life crisis?” Is it different than a life which has reached one year and a quarter-life? I think days of birth, new years, and anything to do with a turning of time is a bit silly. Quarter-life sounds like you are 75% alive, especially if […]

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Birthday Party #7

Day 33: 7 – “What was your 7th birthday party like?” Wait! People have birthday parties when they are young? I don’t remember having birthday parties. I sort of remember getting a cake one year, maybe. Or it might have been a dream. I am sure I got a beaten for something frivolous. Maybe it […]

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1001 Albums #30

Sunday at the Village Vanguard from jazz pianist and composer Bill Evans another live album to make it to the list of 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die. There are a lot of jazz albums on the list and the reason is that jazz musicians had been able to accomplish what the rock and […]

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Happy Birthday Tamas

To my best friend on his birthday. i have had many “best friends” during my lifetime, but most of them were not really best friends in the end of the story. Tamas, you have all the qualities that make you a best friend. You are caring, understanding, generous, loving, patient, humourous, trustworthy, gentle, kind, do […]

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