Favourite Band

Day 74: “Who is your favorite band?” Another list which would take me forever to write. There are so many great bands from the past to the present. I believe most of the singers I selected on the last post were in bands. My favourite band as a kid was The Police, The Cars, The […]

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#398 Blondie – Parallel Lines

Blondie‘s Parallel Lines does not need an introduction to me. This is one of my favourite albums that I owned in the 80s. It was released in 1978, but it really exploded in the USA in 1979 when “Heart of Glass” was released. It starts with the phone ringing in “Hanging on the Telephone” and […]

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1001 Albums #59

The Who’s My Generation is one of the most overrated albums ever. My prior knowledge of The Who is from CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, an American television series. Their opening song is “Who Are You“. I had a hard time listening to this album. I thought they were trying to sound like different bands. In one song, I thought it was The Rolling […]

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