4 Year Old Me

Day 30: 4 – “When you were 4 years old, what do you remember most as something that you consider as your ambition?” Really 4? I do not remember anything from when I was 4. I do remember at 5 I wished I was dead. I am guessing my life from the birth canal to […]

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D is for Death

Day 4: “D is for “Death“. Write about your feelings about death.” Death! I have lived there my whole life. I almost died at birth because I was a blue baby. I stayed that way. Blue. My youngest memory is wishing I was dead or had never been born. I wear it like a chain […]

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#230 Joni Mitchell – Blue

Joni Mitchell is an artist I have heard about a lot, but I have never listened to her music. I know of artist who have sampled her songs. Blue is her fourth studio album. I hope this one is great because of the build up from other artist I like. Blue is my favourite colour so […]

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1001 Albums #21

Miles Davis again. There are a few artist who will be on this list a few times. Davis’ second entry Kind of Blue is very different than his first one Birth of the Cool. I do not think of the colour blue as depressing as most people do. When I think of blue, I think of the water, the sky, and you. When Davis thinks of blue he is […]

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