#837 Blur – Blur

Finally, a band that I am more familiar with and I know I like. We have entered 1997. The year of Blur‘s eponymous fifth album. This was turn to the band that I would come to like a lot. Blur reminds me of my best friend Tamás Pál. He was a big fan of the […]

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#772 Blur – Parklife

Blur again. This time it is an album that I am more familiar with or at least I remember and liked Parklife more than Modern Life Is Rubbish. Their third studio album returned them to the height of fame. I definitely like “Girls & Boys“. It has more of the British pop dance sound to […]

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#768 Oasis – Definitely Maybe

Definitely Maybe was the debut album of English rock band Oasis. I remember this album and the band. I listened to them until their second album, then I sort of forgot them. I think I was in the Blur camp. Americans were enjoying the grunge sound when Oasis and Blur bursted on the scene with […]

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#381 Wire – Pink Flag

Wire is another English punk band to ride the first wave of punk rock. Unfortunately their debut album Pink Flag did not make them famous in the USA. This is real punk. These guys did not care if the song was a little more than a minute or less than a minute. They were an […]

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