1001 Albums #85

The Beau Brummels fourth album Triangle came out to critical acclaim, but the fountain of hit singles did not follow the great reviews. Vocalist Sal Valentino would get comparisons to Bob Dylan and Gene Clark of The Byrds. I can tell you that he is a better singer than Clark. The album triangles on three genres: country rock, folk rock and psychedelic pop […]

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1001 Albums #77

Nico released two albums in 1967. The first was with the Velvet Unground and the second was her solo effort Chelsea Girl. I am not sure why Robert Dimery’s book 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die has them out of order. I have lost confidence in this list. If you cannot get the […]

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1001 Albums #64

Bob Dylan again. Okay, I do not mind Dylan being repeated. I am excited to listen to Blonde on Blonde. I am not sure if anything will surpass The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan, but I can hope. To be honest, he has not had a disappointing album yet. But it has happened even with some of my favourite artist. “Rainy Day Women ♯12 & 35” is the Dylan […]

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1001 Albums #58

When I saw Bob Dylan on the list again, I suddenly got a chill. I was excited. I felt something I do not feel often. I felt I was about to listen to a friend talk to me about life, love, and things I would keep in my heart forever. Here comes Highway 61 Revisited. […]

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1001 Albums #57

The Byrds is for the birds. I do not get it. Mr. Tambourine Man was murdered by them, but not in a good way. They are so boring. I did not like one song. I will not waste your time talking about them. I will say they are better than Joan Baez. I would rather talk about a duo who came out the same year […]

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1001 Albums #50

Bringing It All Back Home is the fifth studio album from Bob Dylan. I cannot tell you how excited I was when I saw another album of his on the list. I was surprised that the book and other critics skipped his two albums from 1964 The Times They Are a-Changin’ and Another Side of Bob Dylan. It seems they were not well loved. I will skip them for now, but return to them at a later date. Dylan fans were not happy […]

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1001 Albums #36

Bob Dylan. What can I say about Dylan that has not already been said since he first appeared on the scene with his 1962 self-titled album? I am not sure I will not say anything worthy of his music. This review is for his second album The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan, which gave him all the […]

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