#899 Shack – H.M.S. Fable

Shack released their third album H.M.S. Fable in 1999 to mostly great critical reviews. They are still together as band, but their last album to date was in 2006. As the first song “Natalie’s Party”¬†started I thought it was R.E.M., but it became apparent soon that it was not. Shack have a Britpop sound. Some […]

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#868 Pulp – This is Hardcore

I have never heard Pulp‘s 1998 album This is Hardcore. Actually, I have heard of Pulp, but I have not recollection of hearing their music. Their sixth album is fill with art rock and Britpop, which was popular during the 90s. I was not excited to listen to this album, but I did not have […]

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#802 Pulp – Different Class

Pulp is a band I have heard of, but I cannot recall any of their songs. Their fifth studio album Different Class has made the list of 1001 Albums You Must Hear….. The album was a critical and commercial success in the United Kingdom, but it failed to make the same chart success in the […]

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#797 Radiohead – The Bends

Radiohead is one of those groups that I know, but I don’t know. Oddly, I liked them better on their second album The Bends more than their debut album Pablo Honey. I wonder why I have not spent much time with them. I remember “High and Dry“. I used to love this song. I did […]

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