Unidentified Flying Ocean

Early, very early in the morning, i took a coach from central London to Stansted Airport. Almost as soon as i got on the bus it started to rain for the first time since i arrived in England. i am already afraid of flying, in fact i have a story that goes through my head […]

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London to Marlow

My friends have this secret garden behind the garages, which are behind the house. It is quite cool and a very pleasant place to have a meal, drink a tea or read a book. In a big city like London, it is nice to have a place to getaway for a little quiet time. After […]

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Best of 2012

i just realised that i had not made a best of/worst of list for 2012. So for today i will make a best list in no particular order. – Moving to France is a lifelong dream. – The Dark Knight – great finale to the trilogy. – Moving away from Hungary – The Avengers. i […]

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Sorry, but i have not had much to say lately. For the moment here are some more photos of my last day in Budapest. i took these photos near and of the Parliament. The shoes near the Duna represent the Jewish people that were murdered during the WWII in Hungary. In one photo you can […]

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Comparing Cities

Sometimes i feel at a lose of what to say because either there are too many things to say or i have nothing to say. This week i feel like i have nothing to say. i thought i could do a little compare contrast between Budapest and Lyon. i know it is not really fair […]

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About My Flat

As i wrote earlier there are other nice things about the square in MonPlaisir, such as they show films in the summer, but that is hearsay until i witness it for myself. MonPlaisir My Pleasure One of my favourite things is the open air farmer’s market, which happens three times a week (Tuesday, Thursday and […]

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Third Day of Istanbul

As you can see from the photos, there are a lot of animals running around Istanbul. You can see cat and dogs (and the occasional chicken and bee) walking all over the city, yet unlike Budapest the sidewalks are not full of crap. The third day was a visit to the Blue Mosque and Tim’s […]

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