The Loop of P.T.S.D.

I do not talk about the loop because it seems sort of personal and I hate being judged for something that I have to live with, but I will try to explain it since a friend asked me about it. The loop is a place I get stuck in from time to time. It takes […]

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Life Alone

I have not written anything about my life in a long time so this is an update. I am alone in this world. I do not really have many friends. I had a best friend six years ago in Hungary, but he showed me that people cannot be trusted. These past six years have been […]

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Robotic Boy In St. Vrain

It’s a little bit funny this story I have written is about robotics. I have been writing for the Longmont Observer, but only ribbon cuttings thus far. I finally wrote a real news story. It was difficult, but the editor encouraged me. She is really kind and supportive. I like working with her. The funny […]

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#112 Os Mutantes

Os Mutantes first album is Os Mutantes which means “The Mutants” in Portuguese. I thought Brazil only had football, bad Samba music, beautiful people, and coffee. Oh Christ Redeemer statue is located there too. Can their music be redeemed with psychedelia? Lyrics are important to me. I write or wrote poetry before I moved to […]

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Not About Music

I do my greatest thinking in the shower. I should just live in the shower. Maybe I can install a device to take down all my great ideas and make the world a better place. Earlier today, I noticed someone on Instagram had written me a comment. It was someone who I had a lot […]

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