Hate Songs

Day 64: “What’s the one song that you absolutely hate?” The list of songs that I absolutely hate is very long. Almost every country song. Almost every rap/hip-hop song. Almost every Spanish song. There are some exceptions to every list, of course. In the country category, I like a few Dolly Parton songs and maybe […]

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Q is for Quick

Day 17: “Q is for “Quick.” What’s one thing that you want to do quickly?” Die! I do not want to have a long painful death. I feel I deserve to die quickly. I have lived much longer than I had planned. I thought I would be long dead by now. I definitely tried to […]

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#326 Gram Parsons – Grievous Angel

Grievous Angel was released four months after Gram Parsons death from a morphine overdose. He was a member of the Byrds and the Flying Burrito Brothers. Parsons has been credited with helping to found both country rock and alt-country. Oh no! Not my favourite type of music. I can recognise this album for its contribution to music, […]

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#237 John Prine – John Prine

I did not know anything about John Prine before listening to this album. He is a country folk singer. He is still alive. That seems to be a miracle and this is his first album. His songs tend to be filled with humour and politics. The first song “Illegal Smile” made me think of Bob […]

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