Happy 18

Day 44: 18 – “Write a list of 18 things that make you happy.” Once again I moved a prompt in the book because it did not make sense to ask me about being 17, then ask me about being 18. Spending one on one time with a friend. I have not had that since […]

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J is for Joyous

Day 10: “J is for “Joyous“. When was the last time you ever felt joyous?” I feel that this one is too similar to excitement. I know that it is different, but I have trouble with words that mean happy things or exciting things or joyous things. Give me words of depression, sadness, death, loss, […]

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Great Cycle Challenge 2020

Hey People Who Read My Blog! I have not announced here that I am doing the Great Cycle Challenge 2020. But I am. I have been raising donations for the past month. I guess I should tell you what the purpose of the Great Cycle Challenge is first. I copied an excerpt from their webpage, […]

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