It’s Britney!

Day 65: “Write about your favorite Britney Spears song. Or, if you don’t like Britney, write about one of her songs that you can tolerate the most.” I think I only know of one Britney Spears song or I can at least name one song. I had to spend time listening to some of her […]

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#926 Madonna – Music

Madonna‘s Music eight studio album is a surprise for me; I had not expected another album of hers to make it to the list. Sometimes, she is underrated for her music. I think her personality outshines her art. I realized that I have never listened to this album completely yet. I already knew before I listened […]

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Is Prom bad?

What has become of this world? There are some things that we did as kids, but today are being ripped apart, especially by feminist. i read an article on CNN, in which the writer tears apart prom. i remember my prom fondly. i remember that is was not just for the rich, or middle class, […]

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