T is for Trouble

Day 20: “T is for “Trouble”. When was the last time that you got into trouble?” Oh wow! A girl in trouble is a temporary thing. Is the first thing I think of when I hear the word trouble. I cannot think of the last time I got in trouble. If it is difficulty kind […]

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#817 Eels – Beautiful Freak

I am definitely a fan of the Eels. The only consistent member of the Eels is Mark Oliver Everett also known as E. I think I relate to his music because of the lyrics which touches on every subject from death, loneliness, childhood innocence, depression, and unrequited love. I live in all those every day […]

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The Loop of P.T.S.D.

I do not talk about the loop because it seems sort of personal and I hate being judged for something that I have to live with, but I will try to explain it since a friend asked me about it. The loop is a place I get stuck in from time to time. It takes […]

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Biking on Day Four

Today was a biking day. I am not sure I like the bicycle as much as walking. I do like the breeze, but the bicycle seat hurts my derrière. I feel sore after riding it. Is that normal? Maybe there is a seat with more cushion I should look into getting. Another problem with this […]

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Life Alone

I have not written anything about my life in a long time so this is an update. I am alone in this world. I do not really have many friends. I had a best friend six years ago in Hungary, but he showed me that people cannot be trusted. These past six years have been […]

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