1001 Albums #21

Miles Davis again. There are a few artist who will be on this list a few times. Davis’ second entry Kind of Blue is very different than his first one Birth of the Cool. I do not think of the colour blue as depressing as most people do. When I think of blue, I think of the water, the sky, and you. When Davis thinks of blue he is […]

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1001 Albums #10

Was there some sort of jazz explosion in the late 50s? I am not sure I can handle much more of the chaos. I am struggling with my own head at the moment without all the chaos of another jazz artist. But I started this and I am that person that will usually finish what […]

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Two New Comedies?

God Friended Me I was watching a new series online at cbs.com and I thought it was so bad that I had to write about. CBS new series, God Friended Me does not offer anything new. If you have seen Highway to Heaven, Touched by Angel (to a lesser degree) Joan Of Arcadiaor last season’s Kevin […]

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