Sweet 16?

Day 42: 16 – “What were you like when you were 16?” I remember being 16 vaguely. Many things from that time of my life are blurred into drug nights and suicidal thoughts. I didn’t know much about the world when I was 16. I had lost my grandmother the year before so I was […]

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M is for Memory

Day 13: “M is for “Memory”. Write about your most painful memory, or something that you really do not want to look back on.” I wish I could say this was hard to do because I don’t have any painful memories, but I have so many that the hardest part is choosing one memory. My […]

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#384 Fleetwood Mac – Rumours

Fleetwood Mac taught Americans how to spell Rumours. They taught us that sometimes people survive the drugs and make extraordinary art in the process. No, do not believe you are in the small percentage that can do drugs and survive. So many of the bands I have read about have had members die from drugs, some young and some of […]

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#130 Scott Walker – Scott 2

Scott Walker deserves the medal for the least creative album title Scott 2. I believe titles are everything. If you want me to read something the title has to interest me first. That is one reason I changed the titles for this music series. Another important thing for me is the album cover art and Walker’s […]

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1001 Albums #72

As I progressed toward the end of the 60s I knew a few more of the artist, but The 13th Floor Elevators is one I have never heard of at all. When I saw the album The Psychedelic Sounds of the 13th Floor Elevators I was excited to hear what psychedelic sounds they created. Okay, I did not know what I was in for when asked for psychedelic sounds. I did not enjoy this […]

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1001 Albums #53

John Coltrane’s A Love Supreme is avant-garde jazz, free jazz, modal jazz and more jazz. It has been classified as one of the greatest albums ever recorded. Is it? Or were those critics taking drugs with The Beach Boys? I do not get it. I like some of the jazz, but some of it I […]

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1001 Albums #30

Sunday at the Village Vanguard from jazz pianist and composer Bill Evans another live album to make it to the list of 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die. There are a lot of jazz albums on the list and the reason is that jazz musicians had been able to accomplish what the rock and […]

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1001 Albums #16

I think I do not like the beginning of rock and roll. It was too simplistic for me. At first I thought I do not like old music, but I realised from listening to Billie Holiday and remembering that I love classical music that is not the case. I actually prefer Holiday’s 50s voice over […]

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