#1067 Björk – Vulnicura

Björk released her eighth studio album Vulnicura in 2015. Vulnicura means “Cure for Wounds” (Vulnus + Cura) in Latin. It’s about what may come to a person at the end of a relationship. Bjork said, “It talks about the dialogues we may have in our heads and in our hearts, the healing processes.” The album […]

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#1062 FKA Twigs – LP1

Why does FKA Twigs name sound so familiar to me? LP1 is her debut album from 2014. I am sure I have not hear this album yet. I believe there is a big chance that I will like it. When R&B and electronic merge it can lead to some great music. The album was a […]

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1037 Fever Ray – Fever Ray

Fever Ray is another one I have not heard of until today. Fever Ray released her debut eponymous album in 2009. Karin Dreijer uses Fever Ray as an alias. She is also one half of The Knife with her brother Olof Dreijer. Both siblings are really weird in my opinion. She wants to be considered […]

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#988 The Beta Band – Heroes to Zeros

The Beta Band released their third and final album Heroes to Zeros is 2004. They disbanded the same year due to financial troubles with their record label. Radiohead and Oasis expressed admiration for the band. My favourite songs were “Assessment”, “Pure For”, “Space”, “Wonderful”, and the rest of the album. I actually added the whole […]

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