#1076 Lorde – Melodrama

Lorde (Ella Marija Lani Yelich-O’Connor) released her second album Melodrama in 2017. I do not know much about her, except that she is a Jew-hating “bigot”. My favourite songs are “Supercut”, “Green Light”, “Sober”, and “Hard Feelings/Loveless”. Overall, I think the album is really good, but I find it hard to separate the artist from […]

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#750 Björk – Debut

Björk! One name artist are sometimes my favourite. She was definitely in the top with Sting, Madonna, Cher, Prince, Bono, Sade and a few others. I was a fan of hers since The Sugarcubes days so the transition to solo artist was easy. Her first album was appropriately titled Debut. This is one of the […]

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