23 Dishes

Day 49: 23 – “Write 23 food products that you like.” I like a lot of food. I think it would be easier to write about my top ten least favourite foods. But I do write a list of 23 so I can finish this day. It has been a busy day for me. sushi […]

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1001 Albums #56

Bert Jansch self-titled album Bert Jansch is one I have never heard of. I have never heard of Bert Jansch either. Perhaps it has to do with him singing folk music and being from Scotland. I really do not know a lot about folk music, except that they all go to festivals and where old clothing from 500 A.D. England. I think they […]

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1001 Albums #42

In my perfect world, The Beatles would not be have another album in the 1001 Albums… listing that I am going through. But I have never lived in a decent world. A Hard Day’s Night is the third album of the band formed in Liverpool, England in 1960. Good news! I have found one song called […]

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1001 Albums #35

The Beatles is probably the most famous band in the world. But I have never heard one good song by them. I will say the only songs I have ever heard were on the radio or in a film. I am going to give them a proper open-minded and open-hearted listen. Their second album from […]

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1001 Albums #17

As I listen to Jack Elliott’s album Jack Takes the Floor, I wonder how did a Jewish boy get inspired to become a cowboy in Brooklyn New York and then become a folk singer who recorded his folk album in England. Elliot’s mentor was Woodie Guthrie, the folk singer of the 30s to the 50s […]

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Unidentified Flying Ocean

Early, very early in the morning, i took a coach from central London to Stansted Airport. Almost as soon as i got on the bus it started to rain for the first time since i arrived in England. i am already afraid of flying, in fact i have a story that goes through my head […]

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London – Last Day

Today was my last day to see all the sights that i had missed in London, so first on my list was Notting Hill again because i had not found the blue door where Hugh Grant lived with a dodgy Welshman and i had not seen the Portobello Market. The market was actually boring. i […]

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London – T.A.R.D.I.S.

Another day in London, but this day had one aim, to see the T.A.R.D.I.S. from Doctor Who. i read there was one in front of Earl’s Court Station, but i was worried that it might not be there now, since some information on the internet can be inaccurate. It was there! i am a big […]

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Back To London

i left Reading in the morning on a local train. It is rather expensive to take trains to London, but they run frequently. i was tired when i returned so i decided to have a relaxing day. i went to a cafe with my friends, then walked home. On the way, i took a few […]

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