Do You Create Milestones?

Yesterday someone was talking to me about making Milestones. Maybe that was not the conversation and that was my take away. I do not have many milestones that I remember, except bad ones. I think I could name all the good ones or the ones I remember the clearest quickly. When I met my best […]

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#494 Rush – Moving Pictures

Rush‘s Moving Pictures is one the albums that I have heard of and listened to quite a few times. Obviously I had a friend who was a fan, but I cannot remember which one. He or she is not important now. Progressive rock is not a genre that I love, unless all the elements come […]

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Biking on Day Four

Today was a biking day. I am not sure I like the bicycle as much as walking. I do like the breeze, but the bicycle seat hurts my derrière. I feel sore after riding it. Is that normal? Maybe there is a seat with more cushion I should look into getting. Another problem with this […]

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Life Alone

I have not written anything about my life in a long time so this is an update. I am alone in this world. I do not really have many friends. I had a best friend six years ago in Hungary, but he showed me that people cannot be trusted. These past six years have been […]

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