The best moments in life, at least for me, are the ones that i share with great friends. i am a bit sentimental, or perhaps i am just mental, but i love my friends, my true friends and i miss them when i cannot see them or talk to them for long periods of time. […]

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Tamale Pie Recipe

Many people ask me for my recipes and i agree to give them it, but i am terrible at follow through. i do not mean to be difficult, but i am when it comes to writing recipes. i do not actually use recipes to cook; i do most of it from instinct and sometimes i […]

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Digoin Encore

Perhaps i should have mentioned another negative point about being on a boat for a week; i was without internet, so i felt like i was detoxing. i had a fever, panic attacks, crying fits and night terrors. Okay, i am exaggerating a bit, but now that i am back home, i realised how much […]

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