#1017 Justice – †

Justice is a French electronic music duo. They released their debut album † (Cross) in 2007. This is odd from Wikipedia: “The album received positive reviews from critics and was a commercial success, reaching number 11 on the French albums chart and number one on the UK and US dance album charts.” I have never heard of […]

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#983 Arcade Fire – Funeral

Arcade Fire‘s Funeral was released in 2004 to critical acclaim. They reached the top of the year-end charts and were nominated for a Grammy Award. The band had created modern day classic. I really do not remember any of these songs. I wonder why. I do not considered it a singles album, at least for […]

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#875 Air – Moon Safari

French and electronic sounds incredible. Air, a French duo, released their debut album Moon Safari in 1998. I know I listened to them at some point in their career, but I do not remember which album.  When I heard “Sexy Boy” I knew I had this album. I remembered that song from long ago. I […]

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#851 Daft Punk – Homework

French duo Daft Punk released their first album Homework in 1977. They have been taken the electronic world by storm since. Oddly, they have only released a total of four albums.  The music is excellent. The lyrics are simple, especially in “Around the World“. They repeat the title 144 times. The video below was direct […]

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1001 Albums #64

Bob Dylan again. Okay, I do not mind Dylan being repeated. I am excited to listen to Blonde on Blonde. I am not sure if anything will surpass The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan, but I can hope. To be honest, he has not had a disappointing album yet. But it has happened even with some of my favourite artist. “Rainy Day Women ♯12 & 35” is the Dylan […]

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Random Ramblings

Day before yesterday i posted a photo of a cat, i had more likes that day than any other day and i gained a couple of followers. i really hate cats and do not understand why so many people love cats, but i realised that there are many things that the masses enjoy, yet i […]

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Please Don’t Speak English!

i never know exactly what i will write on Tuesday mornings until i sit here with my macbook on my lap. i do get ideas throughout the week, but if you know me, then you know i am random, which was actually a nickname a friend gave me years ago, Randomman. This week’s topic is […]

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About My Flat

As i wrote earlier there are other nice things about the square in MonPlaisir, such as they show films in the summer, but that is hearsay until i witness it for myself. MonPlaisir My Pleasure One of my favourite things is the open air farmer’s market, which happens three times a week (Tuesday, Thursday and […]

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