Happy 18

Day 44: 18 – “Write a list of 18 things that make you happy.” Once again I moved a prompt in the book because it did not make sense to ask me about being 17, then ask me about being 18. Spending one on one time with a friend. I have not had that since […]

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5 Friends

Day 31: 5 – “Write about 5 friends whom you consider as your best or closest friends.” Why friends again? Scott Green, your book kind of sucks. It is so repetitive. I guess I will write about five friends that are close in proximity. I am not extremely close to a lot of people. I […]

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Number 1

Day 27: 1 – “Write about the one person whom you consider as the most important person in your life.” I have a huge list of important people in my life. They live in my head all day and most nights. They are in the past, but haunt the present. They were called friend, but […]

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U is for Undeniable

Day 21: “U is for “Undeniable”. Have you ever felt love that was undeniable?” I have never actually had a relationship type love. I have felt love many times throughout my life, or at least what I thought was love. I have loved friends, perhaps too much. I have given myself to many of my […]

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C is for Careful

Day 3: “C is for “Careful”. Was there ever a time when someone deliberately told you to be careful about another person, or a certain situation? What did you do? Did you follow the said person’s warnings or not?” Of course, I never listened to my mother. She was the queen of mistakes. She married […]

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Not About Music

I do my greatest thinking in the shower. I should just live in the shower. Maybe I can install a device to take down all my great ideas and make the world a better place. Earlier today, I noticed someone on Instagram had written me a comment. It was someone who I had a lot […]

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