U is for Undeniable

Day 21: “U is for “Undeniable”. Have you ever felt love that was undeniable?” I have never actually had a relationship type love. I have felt love many times throughout my life, or at least what I thought was love. I have loved friends, perhaps too much. I have given myself to many of my […]

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P is for Priceless

Day 16: “P is for “Priceless”. What’s priceless in your life?” There has only been one thing in my life that I consider priceless. Friendship. I have never considered anything else of value. The problem is that the people I have given my friendship to have not been worthy of it. I give my whole […]

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F is for Friendship

Day 6: “F is for “Friendship“. What makes a friendship tick?” If there was a topic that I wanted to avoid today it would be friendship. I don’t ship it. There are so many things that can wrong in a friendship, as with any relationship it takes two people with two different perspectives of seeing […]

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1001 Albums #78

The Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band is not an album I was looking forward to listening to even though the previous album Revolver showed some potential. Hopefully, the trend of featuring one of the members on a song continues. I hated their voices as one on the previous albums. The title of the album is great. It sounds depressing. I have heard the first song “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” […]

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1001 Albums #71

Congratulations Simon & Garfunkel! Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme has got to be in the top ten worst names for an album title. You did it! Stop trying to make Rosemary a thing. People do not like it. But maybe they will like the album. “Scarborough Fair/Canticle” the lead track is not an original song […]

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Not About Music

I do my greatest thinking in the shower. I should just live in the shower. Maybe I can install a device to take down all my great ideas and make the world a better place. Earlier today, I noticed someone on Instagram had written me a comment. It was someone who I had a lot […]

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  Winter knocks without invite enters, It is I who leaves the open door, it is I who anticipates his return, it is I who Loves his presence yet it is on his terms. Winter surveys decides it’s time to settle deciding where to settle d o w n he spreads himself across the land […]

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Under A Bridge

Do people who never cared remember all the great times? Do they ever think of those they hurt? i feel like i should be living under a bridge somewhere, somewhere nobody will notice me, notice my sadness, my watery blue eyes, the tears that stain my cheeks or notice my hollowness. i feel empty inside. […]

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