23 Dishes

Day 49: 23 – “Write 23 food products that you like.” I like a lot of food. I think it would be easier to write about my top ten least favourite foods. But I do write a list of 23 so I can finish this day. It has been a busy day for me. sushi […]

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1001 Albums #77

Nico released two albums in 1967. The first was with the Velvet Unground and the second was her solo effort Chelsea Girl. I am not sure why Robert Dimery’s book 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die has them out of order. I have lost confidence in this list. If you cannot get the […]

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Scenes From The Road Of Racism

After i returned to Germany, where i stayed in my friend’s caravan, i travelled to Hungary in a hired van. There are many people who drive vans across Europe and they rent space out to people looking for a less expensive alternative than the normal modes of transport across Europe. It is cheaper, but the […]

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Unidentified Flying Ocean

Early, very early in the morning, i took a coach from central London to Stansted Airport. Almost as soon as i got on the bus it started to rain for the first time since i arrived in England. i am already afraid of flying, in fact i have a story that goes through my head […]

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Reading Again

On the second day in Reading, i walked around the centre and beyond. It really is a small town or i would say a big village, but i liked it. The walk today was not extremely exciting, but it was extremely hot. There is some kind of advertising or public notice circle on the sidewalks, […]

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