#486 Black Flag – Damaged

Black Flag is another band who I recognise by name only. I have never heard their music so I do not know their debut album Damaged. Hardcore punk was not a genre that I was into ever. I might be tired after reviewing three albums in a row, but this album did not move me at […]

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#466 Circle Jerks – Group Sex

Another band I have heard of, but never heard their music is Circle Jerks. Their debut album Group Sex was released in 1980. The album is short and regarded as one of the most influential hardcore punk albums. The good thing about this album is that is it only 15 minutes long. There isn’t one song […]

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#430 Germs – (GI)

The Germs‘ one and only album (GI) is one that was unknown to me. I was surprised to learn that Joan Jett had produced and mixed the album. In a couple years she would become famous with the Blackhearts for their song “I Love Rock ‘n Roll” and many others. I think the reason the Germs […]

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