Jelly Cafe

  Arriving safely to Denver Airport was a happy moment, but my friend Nick took me to a place i have wanted to visit for a long time in Denver, Jelly Cafe. They have the best holes there. Their holes are filled with wonderful flavours, flavours that explode in your mouth. i had two favorites, […]

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Tamale Pie Recipe

Many people ask me for my recipes and i agree to give them it, but i am terrible at follow through. i do not mean to be difficult, but i am when it comes to writing recipes. i do not actually use recipes to cook; i do most of it from instinct and sometimes i […]

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First Day in Istanbul

First day is completed. Walked down twisty streets uphill and down. Sidewalks are barely used, so the street is the place to walk, but be careful of the speeding cars. Took tram which is another adventure, especially trying to get on or off. The people push their way in and off. Walked through the bazaar. […]

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