#387 Iggy Pop – The Idiot

Iggy Pop‘s The Idiot was made with David Bowie just before they started on Bowie’s Low. The is Pop’s first solo album. There is one song on this album that became famous in the 80s because Bowie remade it for his album. This is not a typical Pop album, it is more of a Bowie […]

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#200 The Stooges – Fun House

The Stooges have returned with Fun House. It is their second album in their discography and second one to make the list of 1001 Albums… The first album was a 10. Can they achieve it again? I wonder how I had never listened to The Stooges until I decided to write about the 1001 Albums… […]

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#172 The Stooges

The Stooges exploded on the scene in 1969 with their landmark proto-punk album The Stooges. Lead singer Iggy Stooge aka Iggy Pop would become known for his unpredictable stage antics. He is the “Godfather of Punk“. I do think I even need to review this album. If you like punk, then you should have listened to […]

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